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Comfort, range and versatility with superb performance.

Watercraft riders seeking rock-steady stability, powerful acceleration and all-day comfort from a personal watercraft loaded with race technology need look no further than the JET SKI® Ultra® LX. The Kawasaki JET SKI model that set standards for sport-touring personal watercraft allows riders to pursue family fun and their sense of adventure with a blend of cutting-edge power and handling, unmatched passenger accommodations and luxury features.

The foundation of the Ultra LX is the same deep V-hull found in Kawasaki's Ultra 250X flagship. This hull combines confidence-inspiring high-speed stability and excellent rough-water ride manners with responsive turning performance. The responsive, neutral handling reduces rider fatigue when banked over during high-g cornering and its deep 22.5o V-angle easily cuts through swells and waves for a confidence-inspiring ride when the conditions become challenging.

The Ultra LX's handling features may be enough to satisfy most riders, but it also delivers a major dose of accelerative performance from its 1,498cc DOHC in-line four cylinder engine. It's the kind of power that made JET SKI watercraft famous. The race-tuned propulsion unit – also used on the Ultra 250X – features a large-diameter 155mm jet pump combined with an oversize impeller and jet nozzle that converts the engine's power into 955 pounds of thrust. This translates into stunning acceleration and enough speed to satisfy even the most demanding sport riders.

Best of all, family-friendly design features mean riders of all abilities can enjoy it to the fullest. The Ultra LX is as easy-to-use as it is fast, luxurious and fun. It boasts a clever five-way adjustable steering handle to suit a variety of rider styles and sizes, making it possible to ride in either a standing or sitting position. When riders are in a more leisurely frame of mind, the seat is designed for all-day comfort. Nothing needs to be left behind with 53 gallons of built-in storage space, plus a detachable storage compartment that can hold even more. And the fun can keep going on longer, thanks to the 20.6 gallon fuel tank, which gives the Ultra LX the longest cruising ranges of any PWC in its class.

  • Strong, 1,498cc, four-stroke engine provides excellent low- and mid-range torque
  • Dual overhead cams (DOHC) are light and compact for less valve train inertial mass
  • Four, large valves per cylinder provide better intake and exhaust flow for optimum torque and power
  • Intake and exhaust valve lift as well as timing are set to reduce exhaust emissions
  • Intake tract designed for maximum performance
  • Waterproof ECU and ignition coils protects the ignition system from electrical shorts
  • Unique semi-dry sump oil system lowers the crankshaft in the engine, eliminates the need for scavenging pumps, and keeps the oil in the sump instead of flooding the crankcase if the craft is capsized
  • Large capacity airbox lowers engine noise and improves air intake flow
Fuel Injection
  • Single throttle body features a large 60mm bore diameter
  • Digital fuel injection provides great throttle response, smooth engine performance and quick acceleration, as well as easy starting and excellent fuel economy
  • High-flow fuel injectors with four orifices are fitted to complement the increased power output and improve combustion efficiency
  • Large-diameter 155mm jet pump efficiently converts the engine's horsepower into thrust
  • Developed based on feedback from Kawasaki's race machines, this pump is designed to deliver stable output and good “bite,” even when riding on rough water
  • The reverse lever on the left side for easy operation
  • The large, sophisticated three-blade impeller unit delivers both high speed performance and quiet operation
  • Eight-vane intake guide smoothes and regulates the flow of water from the impeller for efficient and powerful propulsion
Ride Plate
  • Features a groove from the center to the rear of the ride plate, to enhance straight-line stability
  • Designed integrates feedback from Kawasaki's IJSBA championship winning racing machines, the hull offers high stability and responsive handling in both calm and rough-water conditions
  • Delivers the neutral handling and turning characteristics that made Kawasaki JET SKI personal watercraft famous, yet the hull enables a high bank angle, for motorcycle-like turning performance with reduced side G-loads imposed on riders during turns
  • The 22.5° V-angle at the bottom of the Ultra LX's hull helps prevent spinouts during sharp turns and to provide a smoother ride in rough water
  • Placing the battery is inside the front storage area, near the center of the machine, provide better weight balance in the hull and frees up space inside the engine bay
  • Bottom of the hull slants upwards steeply from the center section to the bow, allowing the Ultra LX to penetrate swells and waves with less shock. At low speeds, this provides extreme stability while at a higher pace the hull can push through waves rather than bounce over them
  • Integrated sponsons extend from the hull, providing stable wallow-free straight-line performance and contributing significantly to the Ultra LX's excellent high speed maneuverability while helping to retain the narrow hull design
Quattro KSD
  • The Ultra LX's Kawasaki Splash Deflector uses three bottom mounted ridges and an additional deflector mounted at the top to deflect water splashing forward from under the hull
  • Whether turning or blasting straight ahead, at high speeds or low, the Quattro KSD minimize spray, allowing greater rider concentration
Kawasaki Smart Steering®/SLO-Mode
  • Kawasaki Smart Steering® (KSS®) monitors steering input and engine speed and, when certain conditions are met, raises rpm to initiate a desired turn, helping new riders better enjoy the performance of this remarkable machine
  • Smart Learning Operation (SLO) allows newer riders to become familiar with the handling and response of this JET SKI watercraft at a more relaxed pace before unleashing the full performance of the Ultra LX
  • Two separate keys, one for SLO-mode and one for full-power operation help prevent confusion over which setting is in use
Comfort and Convenience
  • Five-way adjustable handlebars allow operation while standing or sitting for a wide range of riders
  • Relatively narrow seat is comfortable for riding stand-up or seated, as well as for the passengers
  • Ergonomic deck design gives plenty of legroom for rider-friendly seating accommodations
  • A long rear boarding step makes it easy to climb onboard, and the step retracts inside the bumper to prevent damage
  • A quick and easy under hood hose connection allows easy flushing of sea water out of the engine
  • Mirrors mounted on the upper deck facilitate opening of the hatch cover
Capacious Storage
  • The large-capacity, fully sealed 53 gallon storage area with a detachable storage tray fitted has plenty of room for recreational equipment
  • On the center console is a detachable drink holder with space for two drink bottles
  • Ideal for small items is a compact storage area with the under-seat rear grip
  • Engine Type: Four-stroke, DOHC, four valve per cylinder, inline four-cylinder
  • Displacement: 1,498 cc
  • Bore and Stroke: 83 x 69.2 mm
  • Compression Ratio: 10.6:1
  • Cooling system: Inducted water
  • Fuel Injection: Digital Fuel Injection
  • Ignition: TCBI with Digital Advance
  • Starting: Electric
  • Lubrication: Semi-Dry Sump system
  • Coupling: Direct drive from engine
  • Propulsion system: 155mm Jet pump, axial-flow single stage
  • Impeller: Three-blade, oval-edge stainless steel
  • Thrust: 955 lbs
  • Overall Length: 132.7 in.
  • Overall Width: 47 in.
  • Overall Height: 45.3 in.
  • Dry Weight: 838 lbs
  • Load Capacity: 496 lbs
  • Storage Capacity: 53 gal.
  • Fuel Capacity: 20.6 gal.
  • Oil Capacity: 5.3 qt.
  • Color: Jet White/Sunbeam Red
  • Warranty: 12 months
  • Good Times™ Protection Plan: 12, 24, 36 or 48 months
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Engine Type
Four-stroke, DOHC, four valve per cylinder, inline four-cylinder
1,498 cc
Bore and Stroke
83 x 69.2 mm
Inducted water
Compression Ratio
Fuel System
Digital Fuel Injection
TCBI with Digital Advance


Dry Weight
838 lbs
Fuel Capacity
20.6 gal
45.3 in.
132.7 in.
47 in.
Oil Capacity
5.3 qt
Rider Capacity
3 Passenger; 496 lbs
Storage Capacity
53 gal

Drive Unit

Three-blade, oval-edge stainless steel
Large-diameter 155 mm jet pump
Propulsion system: 155 mm Jet pump, axial-flow single stage


Hull Type
22.5° V-angle
Jet White/Sunbeam Red
Warranty: 12 months; Good Times™ Protection Plan: 12, 24, 36 or 48 months